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Dr. Thomas – Online Interview by Women’s Health (womenshealthmag.com) July 23, 2014

Psychologist Los Angeles - womenshealthmag article July 2014 | Brentwood, Santa Monica, Culver City, Beverly Hills

Want more of the nitty-gritty on the right way to apologize? Here’s how you can work to repair your relationship and move past pain and anger.

Do it in person or on the phone. “A face-to-face or voice apology allows the other person to sense how truly sorry you really are, and that can help repair things quickly,” says Yvonne Thomas, Ph.D., a Los Angeles-based psychologist who specializes in relationships. Since it’s hard to read the emotion in e-mails and texts, people are more likely to assume they’re not genuine . . .

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Los Angeles Therapist, Dr. Thomas, Featured in InTouch Weekly Magazine May 2014

Los Angeles Therapist, Marriage Counseling Los Angeles

They’re Wasting Away
Pages 24 – 25

Quotes and comments from Dr. Yvonne Thomas, a Los Angeles therapist.


De-Cluttering: How and Why to Spring Clean Your Life

declutter-your-life | Marriage Counseling Los Angeles |Los Angeles PsychologistAs we enter into the month of April, several things are frequently associated with this time of year: warmer weather, flowers regenerating, and spring cleaning or what I call “DE-CLUTTERING.” In general, the concept of “clutter” is very interesting. I describe clutter as a collection of unnecessary, unused, and/or obsolete items, which may be kept in a haphazard, often excessive way beyond what would seem logical.

Clutter often can be found in places such as one’s home, workspace, and car. To me, the really fascinating part about clutter is that it can EXTERNALLY reflect a person’s INTERNAL EMOTIONAL CLUTTER. (By “emotional clutter,” I am referring to such things as unresolved feelings, thoughts, and conflicts with oneself and/or with others.)

Examples can include the following: A generally messy, chaotic home, workspace, or car can symbolize one’s INTERNAL chaos and confusion. Having EXTERNAL closets packed with stuff often can reflect how stuffed away and closeted one’s own FEELINGS AND THOUGHTS may also be. Having uncluttered and presentable FRONT rooms of one’s home, while the non-public BACK rooms are a mess, may indicate how a person shows a more polished image of oneself to the world, while covering up a less “together” part.

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Los Angeles Therapist, Dr. Thomas, Featured in Shape Magazine March 2014

Shape March 2014 - Psychologist Culver City, Psychologist Brentwood, Psychologist Santa Monica, Psychologist Beverly Hills

Everlasting Energy!
Kick Fatigue to the Curb with these 10 Tips Proven to Build Serious Stamina
Pages 164-167

Quotes and comments from Dr. Yvonne Thomas

Creating Your Own Luck!

Couples Therapy Los Angeles - Creating Your Own LuckAs we head into the month of March, St. Patrick’s Day approaches, with its charming four-leaf clover, “luck of the Irish” folklore. In accordance with this, I thought it would be very timely and appropriate to address the subject of “luck” and how relying on luck too much can actually cause some UNWANTED consequences in one’s life.

Individuals often attribute luck as to why certain events or results happen to oneself and others. People may say that they were in the “right place at the right time” or that they had good timing when a wanted opportunity or outcome occurs. Luck certainly can play a PART in helping create desired situations and results for people, but luck probably is NOT the main reason behind why certain people get what they want in their lives.

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Stop These 3 Roadblocks to Finding and Keeping Your Valentine

Los Angeles Psychologist, Los Angeles TherapistAs Valentine’s Day approaches, you may be wondering why you are still single.
Perhaps you are having difficulty meeting the “right” one and/or being able to have a reasonably healthy, long-term romantic relationship.

There certainly can be different reasons why things haven’t worked out for some singles looking for love, including poor timing, ill health, or circumstances beyond one’s control.

However, working for over twenty years as a licensed psychologist in Los Angeles area with individuals and couples has opened my eyes to several psychological reasons that also can be disruptive and damaging to one’s romantic success and longevity.

For the purposes of this column, I will target three of these roadblocks that I have run across in my practice:

1) perfectionism, 2) the people pleaser tendency, and 3) and being stuck in a subconscious pattern.

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The Mourning Process

Loss & Griefing Counseling Los AngelesThe saying is that the only two PREDICTABLE things in life are death and taxes. And yet, in spite of this, people still DON’T deal with death very well. By “death,” I am referring to two types: the obvious (i.e., that a person has passed on) and the less obvious (i.e., LOSSES and ENDINGS of significant parts of a person’s life, such as a friendship, a marriage, a career, etc.).

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How to Have a Happy Valentine’s Day For Two… or One

As we approach February, we also approach one of the most hyped times of the year by all forms of media: VALENTINE’S DAY. TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, and a variety of stores all do their part in reminding us that this is a romantic, loving, magical time of the year – at least it is “supposed to be,” per these sources. I’m sure that most people on their own are already aware that Valentine’s Day is nearing; thus, the barrage of external reminders can certainly seem excessive. It certainly can FEEL excessive to people who do NOT have an opportunity to experience this romantic, loving, magical time of the year! I’m referring to several categories of people, including those who are single and looking, separated and/or divorced with no significant other, widowed, and those who are with a significant other but NOT happily so. Thus, there are a large number of people who may not get to enjoy Valentine’s Day the way that media – and perhaps oneself – thinks it should be experienced.

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Are You Spending Because You Don’t Feel Good?

Happy New Year, everybody! What a glorious, wonderful time of the year we are in! The holidays have settled down and now we are beginning a New Year, filled with new experiences, opportunities, and maybe some New Year’s Resolutions. This is also a time when people are often taking advantage of the countless sales being promoted all over town. Sure, it’s great to spend some money and get remarkable deals. However, one needs to be aware of how much money can be spent that will still keep him/her within a predetermined budget.

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