Excerpt: “During the first year of marriage, some major decisions often are being made such as if finances should be combined or not; who should pay for what; who does which household chore; and how to give each other adequate space for ‘me’ time, friends and family time, and couple time so that no one feels neglected,” explains Los Angeles-based psychologist, Yvonne Thomas, Ph.D. “In the first year of marriage, couples must learn and practice the skills of how to compromise and work as a team more than ever before, both of which aren’t always easy to do.”

The article “The Biggest Hurdles Couples Face During the First Year of Marriage” was written by Lindsay Tigar of MarthaStewartWeddings.com, who interviewed Los Angeles psychologist and relationship therapist Yvonne Thomas, Ph.D. The piece discusses some common bumps in the road that newlyweds can experience, as well as some suggestions on how to best navigate these issues.