Yvonne Thomas, Ph.D., A Psychologist In Los Angeles, Quoted In “How To Spot If You’re In A Toxic Friendship” on Yahoo.com (04/19/2018)

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Your friend is toxic if they can’t be happy for you.

Did you finally manage to run a mile without stopping? That’s cause for a “Yay!” bitmoji. Did that amazing first date ask you out for a second date? Time for a glass of something strong to celebrate. Although every type of relationship fosters some sort of competitive spirit that keeps you playful, if your friends can’t muster up excitement over both the little and big moments in your life, psychologist Dr. Yvonne Thomas, PhD, says they likely don’t have your best interest at heart. “One indicator that your friend is toxic is that when things are going well for you, he or she can rarely be happy about it. Whether something good happens to you or you have achieved positive results due to your own efforts, a toxic friend may have a negative reaction — by being jealous, resentful, critical, or dismissive,” she says.

A friend is toxic if they only focus on themselves.

Much like a marriage or a corporate partnership, every twosome weathers shifts. Supporting one another through various ebbs and flows is what cements your connection, but if your friend can never put their own priorities aside to focus on your needs, they’re creating a poison in your life that you need to purge, Dr. Thomas says. “A toxic friend typically wants to primarily talk about oneself and/or do what he or she wants to do. They often don’t want to hear about your feelings and needs or even compromise that much. Consequently, it is difficult to have a friendship that isn’t one-sided when it is with a toxic person,” she explains.

specialties includes cognitive behavioral therapy in Los Angeles

One of Yvonne Thomas Ph.D.’s specialties includes cognitive behavioral therapy in Los Angeles.  To read the full article “how to spot if you’re in a toxic friendship” visit yahoo.com