Learning How To Effectively Cope And Grow By Working With A Psychologist In Los Angeles

Los Angeles psychologist

If you have felt stressed, depressed, or more preoccupied than usual, it can be hard to function as well you typically have. During the pandemic and other major recent events, many people have felt strained, stressed, and/or disconnected from themselves. During tumultuous times, this isn’t unusual. If you’ve felt like you’re surviving rather than thriving, it may be time to seek the help of a Los Angeles psychologist. Dr. Yvonne Thomas can assist you with learning healthy ways to cope with current events that are causing you distress. In doing so, this can help you reconnect with yourself and gain inner resilience and self-awareness.   

Los Angeles psychologist

The Strain Social Media Has On Connecting With Yourself And On Being As Productive As Possible 

A large part of our lives now is taken up by time spent on social media platforms. Whether this is for work or for fun, it’s not necessarily a healthy habit. In fact, seeing details of other people’s lives online can make you feel like you aren’t doing enough especially during the pandemic and other major events by comparing yourself to others. Also, sometimes people can get lost in social media for hours consciously or subconsciously as an escape from their lives and the things that are bothering them or because it’s hard to pull away from all the major events occurring and how others are reacting to them.

What is healthier is to take breaks from scrolling through social accounts and use that time to be more present and productive in other areas of your life. Take a few moments to brainstorm what you would do if you spent less time on social media. Would you look at and deal with unresolved issues or feelings which need your attention? Is there a certain hobby you would try out or get back to? Would you spend more time on activities with your significant other, family, or friends? Los Angeles Psychologist Dr. Yvonne Thomas can help you identify what these things would be and work with you to resolve issues, deal with your emotions, and pursue what makes you feel happy and fulfilled. 

The Effects Pandemic-Related Stress Can Have On Your Identity

Since the pandemic started, there have been many forms of loss in people’s lives. From work to school to socializing and much more, this pandemic has had a negative domino effect on people, greatly changing the lives many people were used to. This can certainly lead you to feel like you’ve lost touch with yourself or had some loss of your identity or focus, especially if you’ve lost loved ones due to COVID-19. Los Angeles Psychologist Dr. Yvonne Thomas has over 25 years of experience working with clients who are going through issues including loss of identity or focus, life adjustments, and/or grief. She will help you find proactive ways to realign with yourself while managing and working through the emotions, upsets, and losses the pandemic has caused or exacerbated which you were already dealing with.

Connect with a Los Angeles psychologist today to learn more about your options for counseling during the pandemic. Dr. Yvonne Thomas offers free, 15-minute phone consultations. Call Dr. Thomas today at (310) 359-9450 or you can e-mail her through the Request An Appointment portal on her website at https://www.yvonnethomasphd.com/contact/