Psychologist In Los Angeles Yvonne Thomas, Ph.D. On Finding Balance In Your Life (03/29/2022)

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Does it sometimes feel like things are out of balance where you aren’t giving time to all the major parts of your life? If so, that’s more common than you might realize. In this tumultuous time, more people are struggling to find what’s the right balance for them. You might feel like you’re spending too much time working and not enough living your life. Or, alternatively, it may feel as if you’re having trouble focusing on work when all you can think about is your personal life. Dr. Yvonne Thomas, an experienced psychologist in Los Angeles, can help you to figure out the healthy way to find balance in your life.

What it Means to Have a Healthy Balance

Basically, what it means to have a healthy balance is that you feel good about how much time you spend on both the professional as well as the personal aspects of your life. If you’re spending far too much time working or on your professional life, your personal life is going to suffer. By that same token, focusing the majority of your energies on your personal life can cause you to struggle at work. By achieving a proper balance, you can have a happier, more well-rounded life.

Why Balance is So Important

In this context, “well-rounded” doesn’t necessarily mean that all aspects of your life receive equal attention. But, rather, it means that you’re able to develop and grow in multiple parts of your life and not just in one or two. The truth is that, for so many of us, to live as happily as we could, we need to feel fulfilled in both our professional as well as our personal lives. If you neglect one aspect of your life, it can be overshadowed and, eventually (if not sooner), cause you pain.

How You Can Begin to Establish a Balance

It may sound like a cliche, but one of the first steps you can take towards balancing your life is to figure out your priorities, what it is that you really want, and what matters to you. Disconnecting when you can from social media and just in general for periods of time can help. Also, paying attention to your health, exercising, eating right, minimizing the toxins that you consume, but also making sure to treat yourself – these are all positive, actionable steps you can take to get more in balance.

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A Psychologist in Los Angeles Who Can Help

A great, effective way to start learning how to achieve balance in your life is to schedule a session with Dr. Yvonne Thomas, Ph.D. She has helped many people who have been where you are right now: looking for balance in life, wanting to be happier, but unsure how to get there. Now, Dr. Thomas can assist you with this as well. You can schedule a session with her at (310) 359-9450.

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