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Yvonne Thomas, Ph.D., a Relationship Therapist in Los Angeles, Interviewed For “How To Talk About Infertility With Your Boss And Not Make It Uncomfortable” on (04/26/2018)

EXCERPT: While some little girls play with baby dolls from the time they’re old enough to push around a toy stroller, others are sparked with the desire to have a child until they’ve met a lifelong partner. Others might not require a spouse and may begin a family on their own. Whatever the decision-making moment,…

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Yvonne Thomas, Ph.D., A Psychologist In Los Angeles, Quoted In “How To Spot If You’re In A Toxic Friendship” on (04/19/2018)

EXCERPT: Your friend is toxic if they can’t be happy for you. Did you finally manage to run a mile without stopping? That’s cause for a “Yay!” bitmoji. Did that amazing first date ask you out for a second date? Time for a glass of something strong to celebrate. Although every type of relationship fosters…

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Dr. Yvonne Thomas, a Relationship Therapist in Los Angeles, Interviewed For “I Made a Tinder Profile That Was Brutally Honest About My Mental Health” on (04/10/2018)

EXCERPT: “Having bipolar depression doesn’t define my personality or anyone else’s, but according to Dr. Yvonne Thomas, Ph.D, a Los Angeles-based psychologist whose specialties include relationships, “A person with a mental illness can be misread as not caring, being insensitive, or being aloof, which can affect even being able to start a relationship with a new…

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