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Psychologist In Los Angeles Yvonne Thomas, Ph.D. Quoted In “How To Change Your Instagram Settings (And Habits) To Improve Your Mental Health” on (09/09/2021)

EXCERPT: “Limit your Instagram use to 30 minutes a day,” says a Psychologist In Los Angeles If you haven’t tracked how much time you spend on Instagram every 24 hours—there’s an app for that. Literally! Whether you’re Team iPhone or Team Android, both have a well-being app that records how many minutes (or ahem, hours) you…

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Los Angeles Therapist Yvonne Thomas, Ph.D. Interviewed For “COVID-19 May Have Ended Some Friendships – And That’s Okay” on (08/19/2021)

There’s no way around it: COVID-19 became a very heated political debate. While some people were happy to wear masks, others refused. Many accepted a work-remote set-up, while many fought against it. If you and your friend handled and responded to the pandemic differently, it could have polarized your relationship, says psychologist Dr. Yvonne Thomas, Ph.D. “If…

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