Don’t Forget The Positives, Says Los Angeles Therapist About Thanksgiving

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Have you started to feel a bit sad and down around this time of year? Does it seem like during the holidays you feel depressed in a way that maybe you didn’t at other times of the year? That’s very understandable. The holidays can be a wonderful time filled with joy and happiness. However, they can also be filled with stress, tumult, and challenges. Dr. Yvonne Thomas, Los Angeles therapist, has some tips for how you can feel better during this time of year and any other.

Don’t Feel Pressured By What Family And Friends Are Doing

The pandemic continues. Different folks respond to it in different ways. Some are comfortable traveling to see family and friends, yet others still do not feel comfortable doing that yet. The key word here is “comfortable.” Don’t feel like you have to be pressured into doing what someone else wants you to do if it makes you uncomfortable. Meet loved ones in a way that you’re OK with: in-person, outside, virtually, or even a phone call. There is no “one size fits all,” no established protocol. There shouldn’t be any guilt nor should you allow yourself to be made to feel bad or guilty. If you choose to do something for Thanksgiving, do what feels right and comfortable for you.

Honor Your Losses

During this time, so many of us have suffered loss related to loved ones in one form or another. It could be the loss of a family member through death, or the loss of people not wanting to meet in person due to the pandemic. Should you have gone through losses, it’s natural to be grieving in one way or another. If that’s the case, honor the person who has passed or the person who isn’t comfortable being together in person for Thanksgiving. Talk with those who are with you at Thanksgiving about those who can’t be there. It could be your favorite memories, a beloved story, something that keeps that person with you in some fashion. Maybe that person who can’t be there in-person can be “joining” the get-together by Zoom and still be a part of Thanksgiving.

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Find The Joy

Finding the joy is always important, but at this point in time, it’s more important than ever. After another year of us trying to come out of the pandemic, there may have been any number of issues and struggles that you’ve gone through. That’s why it is important to also remember the good that has been in your life during this time. From last Thanksgiving to now, take stock of the good. Big, little, or medium, – don’t diminish or overlook the positives in your life. Let yourself feel good about them rather than only see the negatives that have occurred over the last twelve months so that you have a full and accurate view of this time.

A Los Angeles Therapist Who’s Ready To Help

The above are just some examples of ways you can live healthier during this coming holiday season, starting with Thanksgiving. If you need assistance with any of the points mentioned above or with similar situations, Dr. Yvonne Thomas is trained in these areas. Over her 20+ years, she’s helped many people to be happier and healthier who were going through what you might now be experiencing. To schedule a free consultation with her, contact her through her site or call (310) 359-9450.