Dr. Thomas Featured on Classpass.com “Ready to Move On? 5 Signs It’s Time to Find a New City” (04/24/2017)

Yvonne Thomas, los angeles based psychoterapistEXCERPT:  When your move involves a concrete change that you know will help you get closer to the life you want, you should see it as a positive thing. “Good reasons to consider a move to a new city include being accepted to a college program at a school you want to go to, getting the kind of job you have desired that you haven’t been able to get where you currently live, moving with your significant other or spouse if he or she has a school or job offer that is too good for your partner and for you as a couple to turn down,” says Yvonne Thomas, Ph.D., a Los Angeles-based psychologist whose specialties include life transitions and relationships. She also cites relocating for physical or emotional health-related reasons, being closer to family and/or friends who have moved to a new city, or feeling that you are more suited to live in a particular new city than where you are living now (if you’re living in the country, but are more of a “city person” or vice versa) as positive reasons to move.


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