Dr. Thomas Featured on Reader’s Digest “10 Random Acts of Kindness That Can Change Someone’s Life Right Now” (03/27/2017)

Dr. Thomas Featured on Reader's DigestEXCERPT: Friendship is always a give and take—the trick is to know when to give. While you might be raking in extra cash one month, your treasured friend might be struggling to make ends meet. Or, while you’re in a stable relationship, your friend may have been dumped—again. Martinez says stepping up when it’s your turn to help out a pal is an act of kindness they’ll likely never forget. “Send someone going through a tough time flowers,” she suggests. “Drop them a note and let them know you are thinking of them and what you appreciate about them. While small, these meaningful gestures will surely be appreciated by the recipient.” Or, if you’re financially able, psychologist Yvonne Thomas says to pick up a tab when times are tough for your friend, or volunteer to help them out when they’re overwhelmed or need encouragement.


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