Dr. Thomas Interviewed by Closer Magazine (09/29/2014) About Robin William’s Death

“When someone dies at their own hand, it’s natural to have a head full of questions and ‘what-ifs.'” At least his inner circle has strength in numbers. “The key thing to remember is they’re all in this together,” grief specialist Dr. Yvonne Thomas tells Closer. “They need to share the grief but also the wonderful moments they had with Robin – the personal stories that touched them. That’s the way to keep the memory alive.” – Fallen Funnyman Robin Williams – Closer Magazine, Sep 29, 2014.

Los Angeles based Psychologist interviewed about the death of Robin WilliamsLos Angeles based Therapist interviewed about the death of Robin WilliamsThe Death of Robin Williams - Closer MagazineInterview by Closer Magazine - Yvonne Thomas Ph.D.Therapist in Brentwood, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Culver City, Hollywood