Dr. Yvonne Thomas, A Licensed Psychologist In Los Angeles, Interviewed For “What’s The Meaning Of Love? Mental Health Pros Weigh In” on Thriveworks.com (02/26/2018)

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EXCERPT: “Protect, Cherish, Respect. Yvonne Thomas, Ph.D., a Los Angeles-based psychologist who specializes in relationships, says the words “protect,” “cherish,” and “respect,” accurately define the meaning of love. She explains how below:

Protect: When someone really loves another person, there is an almost reflexive instinct to want to protect him or her from any physical or emotional harm or distress. In essence, there is a natural desire to protect that loved one’s best interest and well-being.

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Cherish: Love for another conveys something beyond just caring about or liking that person. It means having deep, warm, substantive feelings about someone who is treasured.

Respect: Having respect for a person is integral in having love for him or her. Respecting a person can be shown through actions including honesty and transparency, equality, compromise, loyalty, and fairness.”

Some of Dr. Yvonne Thomas’s specialties include marriage counselling &  couples therapy in Los Angeles.  To read the article “What’s the meaning of love? Mental health pros weigh in” visit thriveworks.com.