Psychologist In Los Angeles Yvonne Thomas, Ph.D. On “Discovering Financial Silver Linings During The Pandemic” (12/16/2021)

financial silver linings  counsling
As difficult as this pandemic has been, there have been some financial silver linings to recognize and grow from.  Here are some ways to spot and appreciate these financial silver linings:

Recognize Your Needs Versus Your Wants

One way to see the silver lining in a time that’s trying financially is to make the effort to recognize the difference between what is truly needed versus wanted in their lives.  Especially during this pandemic, people are having to consciously select what is “essential” and what is “non-essential.”  Some of the items or services which used to seem necessary to spend on may now look like a luxury or unimportant compared to more serious, fundamental things.

Non-Material Ways To Get Happiness

Also, to see the silver lining in this difficult financial time, a person should look within and take stock of the fact that he or she may be getting more happiness or contentment from non-material things.  Some of these invaluable things may include spending more quality time with family and friends; enjoying the simpler things in life such as free time, reading, mindfulness, and/or meditation; having more rest and relaxation at home; engaging in low-cost hobbies and interests; etc.

Invest In Your Emotional And Physical Health

Another way for people to see the silver lining during these financially challenging times is to find ways other than through money to “invest” in themselves, particularly towards their emotional and physical health.  With times currently being so stressful financially for so many people, increasing the quality of one’s self-care can be an invaluable way to stay as emotionally and physically resilient as possible.  Making sure to get enough sleep, eat healthy types and portions of food, having enough water, exercising at home or in safe ways outside your home, having contact (even if remotely) with loved ones, and having some humor to lighten things up all help to decrease upsetting feelings and keep your physical health in a good place.
financial silver linings counsling

Lessons During The Pandemic About Financial Silver Linings

During this pandemic, there are several silver linings people may find from a financial perspective right now.  Overall, the biggest silver lining may be that people can better recognize the value and the place money should have in their lives from a more emotionally healthy viewpoint than before.  This can include people cutting back on spending as much as they have on anything that gets to be excessive; recognizing that they need to put more away for savings to create a better, balanced lifestyle; spreading out more “want”-based purchases throughout the year rather than buying in large lump sums which get to be too costly; etc.  Hopefully, by going through such a stressful financial time, people can glean the wisdom that there can be other non-monetary ways to feel satisfied and happy in their lives.
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