Gaining a Better Sense of Self: Tips from An Anxiety Therapist in Los Angeles

anxiety therapist in los angeles

Have you found yourself already giving up on your goals for the new year? With January turning to February, does it already feel like your goals are out of reach? It may seem that way, but it’s not the case. Yes, we often find ourselves setting lofty goals on the eve of a new year. As initial enthusiasm fades, it can be a challenge to keep going. That’s where. Dr. Yvonne Thomas, an anxiety therapist in Los Angeles with two decades of experience, can help. 

Spring may be a month away, technically, but in SoCal, it’s always a bit warmer and sunnier than it might be elsewhere. Springtime, perennially associated with rebirth, offers an opportune moment to contemplate your own metamorphosis. Much like the ubiquitous concept of spring cleaning, why not declutter your mental space and work on enhancing your well-being? If spring symbolizes renewal, then seize the opportunity to embark on a journey of self-discovery.

Efficient and Effective Time Management

The cliche “everyone has the same amount of time in a day” often accompanies well-intentioned encouragement, yes, but it rarely does much good. Sure, Teddy Roosevelt had the same twenty-four hours, but did he contend with a full-time job to meet financial obligations, endure a lengthy commute on the 405, or prepare his own meals while living his life? Not exactly. 

Acknowledging the complexities of our daily lives, with myriad responsibilities vying for our attention, is crucial. By thoughtfully organizing the time we do have, regardless of its scarcity, we can maximize productivity and make strides toward our objectives.

Goal Setting: Harness the Power 

Goals serve as the compass guiding us through the labyrinth of life, offering specific milestones to anticipate and strive for. The determination to enact positive change in our lives hinges on our commitment to the required effort. Motivation becomes more tangible when you have a roadmap of clear objectives. 

Establishing concrete, achievable goals enables you to focus on realistic prospects. Whether your aspirations involve preparing healthy home-cooked meals several times a week, conquering Mt. Laundry, or something as simple but easy to lose track of as maintaining regular dental hygiene, streamlining the process can significantly enhance your chances of success.

Seeking the Support You Deserve

While advice such as “set attainable goals” and “organize your time” is sound, implementing these strategies can be challenging, particularly when it comes to mental health. Dr. Yvonne Thomas, Ph.D., can help to guide you along this journey.  

For more than two decades, she’s helped people dealing with exactly what you’re dealing with right now. She can help you to develop healthier, more positive ways to cope with life’s challenges so that you can lead the life you want. 

 anxiety therapist in los angeles

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