Look Forward To The Holidays And The New Year With The Help Of A Psychologist In Los Angeles

Psychologist In Los Angeles

During the pandemic, the holidays and upcoming year may feel more daunting than exciting. There’s always the pressure to make resolutions and stick to them, but after a year like 2020, you may be feeling like goals and resolutions are irrelevant when so much is out of your control. It’s easy to settle into an unhealthy routine and lose track of your time while primarily being at home. This has likely led to upsetting emotions due to any stress and/or loss you have gone through this year. If there’s one thing you can do for yourself to have a better upcoming year that is within your control, it’s seeking the help of a psychologist in Los Angeles. Dr. Yvonne Thomas has over 25 years of experience helping clients work through their distress to achieve a healthier and happier quality of life. 

It’s Important To Still Celebrate The Holidays To Kick Off A Better 2021

After an unprecedented year, we all need this time to unwind and celebrate the joy of the holidays. While your holiday plans are probably looking different this year, it’s important to make the most out of this special time. Allowing yourself to take a break from all the upset that the pandemic has caused is a huge part of why the holidays can feel so needed during these times. 

Psychologist In Los Angeles

During these holidays, it’s extra important to set aside time to spend with those you love, even if that means a phone call or Facetiming when you can’t be together. It’ll take effort and planning to separate the holidays from just being another day at home this year, though taking the time to do this can bring some peace and joy to you and your household. Spending the holidays with your immediate family or those you live with during the pandemic is a great way to reconnect. Making time for these rare and peaceful moments to enjoy each other without the chaos of the outside world’s events can set the tone for a happier and healthier year ahead. 

Release The Stress And Anxiety From 2020 

Now is the time to begin working with a psychologist in Los Angeles. Reflecting on 2020 with Dr. Yvonne Thomas can help you determine what is triggering your stress, anxiety, depression, or any other emotional upset you are experiencing in order to have a better year ahead. Identifying these triggers and working through them can help you transition into having a healthier, more positive perspective and attitude about the upcoming year. 

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Understand, Heal, And Move Forward In 2021

Dr. Yvonne Thomas has over 25 years practicing psychotherapy. She understands how traumatic 2020 has been for so many people on a variety of levels. Speak with a psychologist in Los Angeles who can help you understand, heal, and move forward in a healthy manner going into this next year. Set up an appointment with Dr. Yvonne Thomas today by calling (310) 359-9450 or you can e-mail her through the Request An Appointment portal on her website: https://www.yvonnethomasphd.com/contact/