Los Angeles Psychologist Yvonne Thomas, Ph.D. On Better Ways To Manage Life Transitions (04/26/2022)

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Have you recently gone through some life transitions that have left you feeling lost, stressed, or overwhelmed? Has a life transition occurred and you aren’t sure how to deal with and react to it? Change involves “growing pains.” Spring itself is a time of change, as winter turns to warmer weather. As welcome as this change can be, it can also have its downsides (pollen, rainstorms, and so forth). Any change in life, no matter how positive and wanted, can be scary. Los Angeles psychologist Dr. Yvonne Thomas can help you to develop healthy coping skills for dealing with life transitions.

Change is Normal (As is Feeling Uncomfortable From It)

As hard as it can be to adjust to, change is a normal, natural part of life. This is the time of year, for example, when college graduations occur and young people begin a new chapter of their lives. It’s important to acknowledge that, even if a change is a good one for you, there are times you’ll feel uncomfortable or unsure about it. Be it having children, starting or growing in a career, getting married, buying a home, etc., change can be emotionally difficult. Any change can be intimidating, and the greater the change, the more distressing it can be. However, it’s very important to not let your fears of change limit you from reaching your full potential.

Facing Fear and Embracing Change 

When faced with something new, it’s natural to be afraid and shy away from it. You might avoid the change, delay dealing with it, or minimize its importance in your mind. However, the next time you’re faced with a change, you might keep avoiding, denying, or minimizing it, too, and see that you haven’t made any progress. Yes, you’ve kept yourself safe from fear and change. But, you may have limited yourself and your potential. That’s especially true over time if you keep avoiding, denying, or minimizing the life changes you’re going through.

The Right Focus on Self 

It’s always important to keep an eye on your self-talk, but especially so during times of uncertainty, change, and fear. If your self-talk is self-defeating, making the life transition more difficult and harder on you, then you’re going to need to change that. As ever, self-compassion can help tremendously. For instance, a good rule of thumb is to ask yourself, “How would I treat my best friend if they were going through this?” If what you’ve been saying to yourself is less supportive than what you’d say to your best friend, then you’ll want to develop better coping skills.

los angeles psychologist

A Los Angeles Psychologist Who Can Help

Of course, it’s easy to say that you want to develop better coping skills, but it’s something else entirely to actually do that. That’s where Dr. Yvonne Thomas can help. For years, she’s helped many people to not only learn healthy coping skills, but to incorporate them into their lives. By working with you through your fears and worries about life transitions, she can help you to enjoy and achieve during this and any other period of your life. For a free consultation, message through her site or call (310) 359-9450.

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