Los Angeles Psychologist Quoted In “How Soon Is Too Soon To Ask Someone To Be Your Plus-One At A Wedding?” on weddingwire.com (03/07/2019)

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Psychologist Dr. Yvonne Thomas, Ph.D., explains if you aren’t exclusive with your partner, it’s far too early to ask ‘em to tag along to a wedding. “You and that potential plus-one should know if both of you are feeling similarly enough about each other instead of just assuming something as important as this,” she explains.

“It isn’t fair to you and this new person to attend a wedding as a couple if the relationship has barely gotten started and it isn’t fair to whomever is paying for the wedding to foot the bill for someone who isn’t—and may never be—that relevant,” Dr. Thomas adds.

How Soon Is Too Soon to Ask Someone to Be Your Plus-one at a Wedding

As Dr. Thomas explains, if you’re on the mend from a heartbreak and rebounding without admitting it to yourself, it’s time for a gut check. “In these types of situations, you may not be that clear as to your feelings about this new person since you still may be getting over your previous significant other and your feelings may be all mixed up together,” she continues. “Consequently, bringing this new person as your plus-one to a wedding may be coming from an insecurity of attending the wedding alone or consciously and/or subconsciously may be done as a way to avoid feeling loss or upset regarding your previous partner since you may be filling in the void with this new person.”

Yvonne Thomas, Ph.D. is a therapist in Los Angeles. To read the full article, “How Soon Is Too Soon to Ask Somone to Be Your Plus-one at a Wedding?” visit weddingwire.com