While Halloween Festivities Are Almost Here, Your Emotional Health Is A Serious Matter

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As autumn arrives in California, have you found yourself feeling worn down? Does it seem as if you don’t enjoy the things you used to like quite as much? During this time of year, when the temperatures drop and it gets darker earlier, feelings of depression, anxiety, loneliness, and/or sadness can occur. Halloween – a time of playfulness and trick or treating – may be right around the corner, but it is important to recognize that a person’s emotional health is not something to be taken lightly. It actually is just as important as your physical health. If either wears down, this can take a toll on your quality of life. Los Angeles psychologist Dr. Yvonne Thomas has some advice for how you can boost your emotional well-being and try to keep it in a healthy place.

Things You Can Do Right Now

When you aren’t feeling well physically, you know to rest, drink fluids, eat protein, perhaps take over-the-counter medication, and so on. Conversely, many people feel confused when it comes to improving their emotional health and feeling better that way. Fortunately, there are actions you can take right now. For one, eating healthy and incorporating appropriate exercise into your daily routine can help. By the same token, developing a social support system and balancing your life can be beneficial as well. Also, making time to reflect, meditate, or journal can assist in getting more grounded and self-aware.

Another Step to Take

The above having been said, another thing you can do if you’re struggling with stress or upset, have difficult decisions ahead, or are dealing with issues that won’t go away is to reach out to a therapist. This step would be in addition to doing the behaviors listed in the prior section. Indeed, by doing everything listed above and reaching out to a therapist, you can improve and safeguard your emotional health.

What a Los Angeles Psychologist Can Do to Help

When people hear “therapy,” they may think that there’s just one kind of therapy. However, there are actually multiple kinds. For example, Dr. Yvonne Thomas offers individual therapy, but also therapy for couples as well. In that type of therapy, two people who have a strong connection, but who may be facing challenges, can work to find better communication skills and coping mechanisms. Dr. Thomas also offers therapy for life transitions, as well as for grief and loss, too. Any significant change in life, be it one that’s welcomed or feared, can leave one feeling confused, overwhelmed, or distressed. Therapy can help.
los angeles psychologist

No Better Time to Start Than Now

If your physical health were to suffer, you’d take steps to improve it. If you’re like many, you’d go to see a doctor or other qualified specialist. The same goes for your emotional health as well. Dr. Yvonne Thomas can help you to improve your emotional health in a variety of ways. Los Angeles psychologist Dr. Yvonne Thomas has more than two decades of experience. For a free consultation to see how she can help, you can reach her through her site or by calling (310) 359-9540.