Los Angeles Psychologist Yvonne Thomas, Ph.D. Quoted In “Dating Glossary: Curving” on datezie.com (06/13/2019)

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Where the Term ‘Curving’ Came From

There’s no official origin to the roots of ‘curving,’ but a few theories have sparked internet discussions. Los Angeles therapist Dr. Yvonne Thomas, Ph.D. suggests that ‘curving’ became a thing when it was used in a GQ article to describe the cold shoulder Rihanna seemed to give Drake at the MTV Video Music Awards, when he was rumored to be head over heels for her.

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Where You Might Hear Curving

Whether it comes up on conversation with your pals or you read about it on Instagram, chances are high you’ll come across the concept of curving sooner than later. Singer says an example might be when your friend is cyber-stalking a gal he likes and can’t figure out why she’s active online but not with him: “She tweeted 230 times, but has not responded to my texts. Do you think she is curving me?”

Dr. Thomas also shares that your buddy could talk about it in the aftermath when explaining what happened to that girl he dated. “She kept curving on me when I asked him how she really felt about me,” she gives as an example.

Yvonne Thomas Ph.D. is a Los Angeles therapist. To read the full article “Dating Glossary: Curving” visit datezie.com