Los Angeles Psychologist Yvonne Thomas, Ph.D. Quoted In “Going On A First Date: A Step By Step Guide” on datezie.com (09/05/2019)

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What To Do On A First Date


If you’d prefer not to go the tried-and-true route, Dr. Thomas suggests choosing an active date that involves something you learned about her, or something you both love to do. Hopefully this will give you an instant connection, and perhaps, make those first few minutes less shaky. “By participating in a shared activity of interest, it can serve as an ‘icebreaker’ and provide a more light-hearted, relaxed way of getting to know each other,” she explains.

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How to End the First Date

What you say here is essential — since every woman will go over and over your words in her head once you’ve let one another. “At the very least, you can let the other person know you enjoyed meeting him or her. You don’t have to commit to seeing or talking to him or her again if you don’t want to,” Dr. Thomas explains. “If you’re interested in seeing that person again, you can be open about that even if you can’t tell if that person is interested in you.  For example, you can tell him or her you had a great time and enjoyed spending time getting to know him or her, which is a direct, yet general enough way to let he or she know you’d like to get together again. Then, it is up to that person to let you know if the interest is mutual.”

Yvonne Thomas is a Los Angeles Psychologist in Los Angeles. To read the full article “Going on a First Date: A Step by Step Guide“, visit datezie.com