Los Angeles Psychologist Yvonne Thomas, Ph.D. Quoted In “Kids Are Getting Cosmetic Ear Surgery Because Of Bullying” on Racked.com (03/05/2018)

Los Angeles psychologist

Excerpt: “Yvonne Thomas, a Los Angeles psychologist who specializes in body image and relationships, says that kids who get bullied over their appearance feel lasting effects.  “The hard part is that it isn’t just a temporary phase for these people who are being bullied,” she says. “It can leave internal emotional scars for the rest of their lives, for a lot longer than the bullying is happening. It becomes part of their fixed body image.”  Thomas adds that the internal dialogue of these children can go beyond “look at your ears” to “you’re stupid, you’re ugly.” She says these kids can grow into adults who feel like they don’t deserve the good things in life or that they’ll never attract a partner. “It can mushroom and permeate their self-esteem on a more global basis,” she says… Thomas says that parents who opt for early intervention on protruding ears in children are actually quite sensitive. They’re likely preventing their kids from suffering the emotional scars of bullying, she contends.”

los Angeles psychologist


Dr. Yvonne Thomas is a Los Angeles psychologist. To read the full article “kids are getting cosmetic ear surgery because of bullying” visit racked.com