Los Angeles Therapist: You Don’t Have to Wait Until New Year’s for New Goals

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As summer fades into fall, does it feel like you haven’t accomplished as much this year as you would like? Does it feel as if you had “big plans” for 2022 that didn’t quite come to fruition? If so, you certainly aren’t alone. Indeed, so many people feel similarly. Summer, even in Southern California, even as an adult, can feel like a more “carefree” time, even if you’re working throughout it. Dr. Yvonne Thomas, Los Angeles therapist, has some ideas about how you can begin to take life more seriously as fall begins and get the most from the rest of 2022.

Don’t Wait Until the New Year to Set and Work Towards Some Goals

If you want to do something new, perhaps the first step is to set some new goals. After all, if there’s something you’ve been putting off, something that you don’t want to do, then now is a great time to take those first steps towards it. You don’t have to wait for permission from the calendar, for 12/31 to turn to 1/1 to be able to set new goals.

Building on (and Modifying) What You’ve Done

Another idea is to revise the goals that you already made that maybe you didn’t quite reach. An example: maybe you meant to go to the gym multiple days a week, but it hasn’t quite happened. Now would be a good opportunity to go to the gym once a week, maybe twice, and build from there. There’s nothing wrong with modifying your goals and making them so that they better fit your life as it is, while continuing to move towards achieving them. This is a major aspect of what self-improvement is all about.

Go Step By Step To Increase Motivation and Decrease Feeling Overwhelmed

Inherent in that idea is that, if you want to reach your goals, no matter what they might be, small steps are probably the best way to go. So many people when setting new goals of any kind sometimes “overreach” and do too much too soon, and can end up feeling overwhelmed or “burning themselves out.” Instead, take incremental steps. One step forward. Then another. Followed by the next.

Goals for the Rest of 2022

In fact, as fall begins, consider setting short-term goals. Setting goals for the end of the year and reaching them can give you plenty of confidence and momentum to build on in 2023.

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A Los Angeles Therapist Who Can Help

It’s entirely possible that you read to this point and may still struggle with coming up with healthy long or short-term goals. Or, alternatively, it could be that you’re struggling to put them into action, to be able to take those positive, tangible steps towards what you want. That’s just one area where working with a psychologist can be beneficial.

Los Angeles therapist Dr. Yvonne Thomas has more than two decades of experience. For a free consultation to see how she can help, you can reach her through her site or by calling (310) 359-9450.