Los Angeles Therapist Yvonne Thomas, Ph.D. Interviewed For ”7 Free August Date Night Ideas” on hermoney.com (08/18/2022)

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Although the midday sun may be scorching, when the temperature cools and the fireflies come out, it can actually be pleasant to sit outside (particularly if you have some bug spray on hand.) Use this sunset and twilight time to simply sit outside with your partner, recommends psychologist Yvonne Thomas, Ph.D. Try to find a spot with a view — or make your backyard into a dreamy oasis. A little lemonade and some music may be all it takes.

“Especially after the sun goes down, it can be very intimate to look at the city lights or be under a starry sky snuggling together,” she says. “As always, don’t look at your phones or devices during this one-on-one bonding time so that you achieve a deeper connection with each other.”


Rather than going to a restaurant where you’ll need to tip your server and order an (overpriced!) bottle of wine, consider making a picnic instead. Ideally, Dr. Thomas says this evening date will be during or after sunset when you’re hungry and ready to dine.

In addition to the joy of sitting outside in great weather, it can also be a collaborative experience that improves your teamwork skills. Or, if you’re the couple who takes turns planning date nights, let your one-and-only take the lead one week, and then you return the favor the next. “Having candles and periodically feeding each other during the picnic can help to add even more romance and passion to this experience,” she adds.

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