Los Angeles Therapist Yvonne Thomas, Ph.D. Interviewed For “Stuck? How To Find Innovation” on hermoney.com (03/24/2022)

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Find Ways To Shake Up Your Routine

Though you may not be able to hop on a flight for a much-needed tropical vacation or be able to snag a 3pm coffee with your favorite colleague quite yet, you should still try to shake up your routine. Because the pandemic still prevents us from turning to the ‘normal’ activities we used to use to find motivation, we have to push ourselves out of our comfort zone, says psychologist Dr. Yvonne Thomas.This means being proactive in exposing ourselves to hobbies that enhance our cognitive and emotional growth. She recommends learning a new language, cooking, baking, playing a musical instrument, crossword puzzles, listening to educational podcasts, and so on.

“Instead of giving in to complacency, you can find and fuel your inspiration and innovation by seeking out ways to have new and fulfilling experiences, even during this period of same-old, same-old,” she adds.

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