Los Angeles Therapist Yvonne Thomas, Ph.D. On “Effective Ways For Setting Personal Goals For 2022” (12/09/2021)

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Setting Personal Goals For The New Year

As the new year approaches, people often start thinking about personal goals they want to achieve for themselves in taking better care of themselves. Examples of some of these goals can include your physical health (such as eating correctly, exercising enough, getting adequate sleep, etc.), your emotional health (i.e., keeping your stress down, recognizing and dealing with your feelings as they come up, breaking unhealthy patterns, journaling, etc.), and personal relationships with family, friends, and significant others (such as improving the quality of one or more of these relationships).

Be Specific About The Goals You Are Trying To Achieve

One tip on setting personal goals for 2022 is to be very specific about what you are aiming for.  By being precise, you can assess how realistic your personal goal is in terms of if it is too big, too difficult, not sustainable, etc.  For instance, if you set a personal goal to start exercising five days a week for an hour per day and you have not been exercising at all, it will be easier and quicker to determine if you are creating a personal goal that is too hard and/or unrealistic to begin with.  Once you see this, you can instead set personal goals which incrementally ramp up to get you where you ultimately want to be.

Select Goals That Really Matter To You

In addition, another tip on setting personal goals for 2022 is to only choose goals that you really want to achieve and that truly matter to you.  Accomplishing a goal is much more likely if it is something that you can feel and be committed to.  If you do, you will tend to be more responsible and keep yourself on track since you care about getting a positive outcome with your personal goal.  One example is if you wanted to start eating more fruits and vegetables because you realize you feel better when you do that, plus you know it is healthy to eat these, you might begin with the personal goal of eating vegetables and fruit two times a week and build from there to create a lasting new lifestyle change.
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Work With A Psychologist To Help You Set And Achieve Your Goals

Often it can be difficult for people to select and/or achieve personal goals which would make them happier and healthier.  In these instances, it could be very beneficial to work together with a psychologist who can help you with setting and meeting your personal goals to have a happier and healthier 2022 and life.

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