Los Angeles Therapist Yvonne Thomas, Ph.D. Quoted In “The 7 Signs You’re Definitely A Sapiophile” on datezie.com (08/08/2019)

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“You may be a sapiophile if you’re attracted to someone who will debate you.

Some folks shy away from any sort of conflict as disagreements make them uncomfortable. In an effort to avoid strife, they’ll nod along with anything and agree with statements of all kind — no matter how absurd. For a sapiophile, this type of person would be a no-go. Without someone to push their boundaries, expand their knowledge base or open their perspective to new ideas and philosophies, they would find themselves bored quite easily, according to psychologist Dr. Yvonne Thomas. Instead, they would actively seek someone who would not only start a debate with them — but win it. “It is alluring for a person to be around someone who can assert his or her opinions and speak one’s mind,” she continues.

You may be a sapiophile if you need someone to be curious.

“A person like that may investigate and do research about different topics to gain a deeper understanding of them which is may be similar to what the sapiophile does, too,” Dr. Thomas explains. When you’re this type of orientation, the surface level won’t cut it. You need — and will always seek — more.

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You may be a sapiophile if you need emotional intelligence, too.

There’s a difference between book smarts and social smarts — and most sapiophiles need a little bit of both to build a happy relationship. Since sapiophiles are often attracted to fellow sapiophiles, it’s reasonable for you to find a variety of types within the spectrum. While some will invest more in literature and research, others will also immerse themselves into emotional intelligence, too. Dr. Thomas makes them more nurturing partners, since they not only care about the state of their brain, but the purpose of their heart, too. “It is necessary for you to show your own intelligence and to admit how important intelligence is to you in a significant other so that you can find someone compatible to you. Sapiophiles also need that person to be emotionally intelligent as well so they can have a non-sterile, loving, warm relationship,” she explains.”

Yvonne Thomas Ph.D. is a Los Angeles Therapist. To read the full article “The 7 Signs You’re Definitely A Sapiophile” is on datezie.com