Managing Depression During The Pandemic With Teletherapy In Los Angeles

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Teletherapy in Los Angeles

Over the past year, the pandemic has forced us into isolation, leading us to feel neglected, lonely, and overall just lacking the social interaction that humans need.  Depression is its own beast during regular times. To try and manage your depression during a pandemic when many of the coping mechanisms you’d typically use (such as socializing, working out at the gym, etc.) are out of reach can be a tremendous burden to carry on your own.  Yvonne Thomas, Ph.D. provides teletherapy in Los Angeles for those who are struggling with different issues, including depression.

Depression Caused Or Worsened By Loss And Grief 

Experiencing grief of any kind, specifically losing friends and family members to COVID-19, triggers an onset of emotions.  Once the initial phase of grief involving numbness or shock begins to give way to new emotions, you may experience depression appearing in one form or another.  Additionally, many of you have probably noticed that your loss and grief worsen your depression if you were already dealing with that before.  Teletherapy in Los Angeles can be very helpful to learn coping mechanisms for handling your grief and loss as you heal, whether your grief was caused by losing someone to COVID-19 or not.  

teletherapy in los angeles

Seasonal Affective Disorder 

While many people have found they experience Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.) during the winter, S.A.D. can happen at any time of the year.  Whenever S.A.D. occurs, it can pop up suddenly, or for some of you, it can feel like a slow burn that can build up in you. It’s hard to be prepared with healthy coping mechanisms ahead of time when you’ve begun to forget what S.A.D. feels like. Currently, with the combined weight of the pandemic and S.A.D., this isn’t the time to go it alone when it comes to managing your depression.  Dr. Yvonne Thomas provides teletherapy in Los Angeles to help you develop healthy ways of managing depression due to S.A.D.  

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