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There are many instances in life in which you may feel somewhat lost, stressed, anxious, depressed or in grief. It may be a struggle to make sense of what’s going on and/or how to address it. It’s in situations such as these that a psychologist in Marina Del Rey can be of great help.
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How Can A Marina Del Rey Psychologist Help?

Marina Del Rey PsychologistA psychologist is more than just someone who sits and listens to you talk. They are educated and trained professionals who can help you better understand your situation, emotions, and options. Here are some of the ways in which psychologists can do this:
  • One-on-One Counseling – The most common form of therapy is individual counseling, which establishes a connection with the treating professional with the help of weekly sessions to understand the issues and move things forward. This encourages openness and vulnerability on the part of the individual, allowing the space to communicate freely and gain insight into what the person is feeling without judgment.
  • Couples Counseling – Relationships can be complicated, especially when there are barriers to the couple’s communication and their emotional and/or physical closeness. Counseling for couples can help both parties find new ways to talk and communicate with each other, as well as assist the couple with bonding physically and/or emotionally. Therapy, in turn, can give the couple the understanding and tools to better navigate their relationship.
  • Therapy for Loss or Grief – We all understand that death and loss are part of life, and yet it can be a surprise how these experiences affect us. It can be very disorienting and destabilizing to lose someone dear, which is why it may be useful to reach out to a psychologist who can help us find our grounding and work through the stages of grief in a healthy way.
  • Counseling for Life Transitions – Whether you have quite a while or a few days to prepare for a life transition, it can have a significant impact on your life. Moving, graduating, breaking up, getting sick—these are all examples of situations that can cause significant changes. A psychologist can help you adapt and work through these life transitions or changes.

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