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Discussion dealing with grief and loss during the holiday season.

Stop These 3 Roadblocks to Finding and Keeping Your Valentine

As Valentine’s Day approaches, you may be wondering why you are still single. Perhaps you are having difficulty meeting the “right” one and/or being able to have a reasonably healthy, long-term romantic relationship. There certainly can be different reasons why things haven’t worked out for some singles looking for love, including poor timing, ill health,…

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The Mourning Process

The saying is that the only two PREDICTABLE things in life are death and taxes. And yet, in spite of this, people still DON’T deal with death very well. By “death,” I am referring to two types: the obvious (i.e., that a person has passed on) and the less obvious (i.e., LOSSES and ENDINGS of…

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How to Have a Happy Valentine’s Day For Two… or One

As we approach February, we also approach one of the most hyped times of the year by all forms of media: VALENTINE’S DAY. TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, and a variety of stores all do their part in reminding us that this is a romantic, loving, magical time of the year – at least it is…

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