Psychologist Culver City for Individuals and Couples

Psychologist in Culvercity area Dr. Thomas, has been providing individuals, couples, and families of Culver City, with effective counseling services for more than twenty years. With three degrees in Psychology, Dr. Thomas has experience in a variety of fields.
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  • License # PSY 14489
  • Over 25 years experience
  • Expertise in many areas
  • Free phone consultation
  • Flexible schedule
  • Accepts most insurance plans

Whether you are dealing with personal issues, marriage or couples problems, loss or grief issues, etc., Dr. Thomas can help you achieve more health and happiness.

Psychologist Culver City

Dr. Thomas’s specialties include:

  • Individual Therapy – Life can bring different events that cause distress, anxiety or depression. If you have reached a point in your life where you simply don’t feel happy or optimistic or if you are confused, let a psychologist Culver City help you get your life in a better place.
  • Marriage or Couples Counseling – Sometimes even people who are very much in love need assistance to see past the walls they have built around themselves or through the walls their partner have established to reignite the flames of loves that once brought them together and to help make them a healthier couple.
  • Loss or Grief Counseling – Grieving is a natural and healthy process following a painful loss in your life: death, divorce, separation, etc. However, if your grief is becoming so overwhelming or unbearable that it disrupts you or your life, let an expert help you get through this tough time in the healthiest way.

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Working together with the Top-rated Psychologist like Dr. Thomas can help you make healthier decisions which can give you the peace of mind that you deserve.

Dr. Thomas strongly believes that finding the RIGHT Psychologist is the key to producing the best therapy results and experience.

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