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Try reframing the negativity.

Do you have one of those friends who always plays the devil’s advocate? They flip every coin, push your buttons, and can cause quite the upset in an otherwise normal dinner conversation. Though it may not always be fun to be on the other side of their antics, this approach can be beneficial for combating negative thought patterns. In psychology practice, it’s a technique called reframing, where you challenge yourself to look at something from a completely different angle, explains psychologist Dr. Yvonne Thomas, Ph.D.

Say you’re attending an outdoor event, and there’s a chance of rain. ‘I’m so upset’, you reframe the thought to be ‘It might rain, I’ll bring an umbrella, and it’ll become a memorable experience.’ Rather than saying, ‘Ugh, my day is ruined.’

“When we approach thoughts from a new angle, we get a fuller perspective and view things more accurately,” Dr. Thomas says. “Sometimes, reframing means to look at things from a more positive light. Reframing helps you not to get lost in the negative of a situation and to start loosening your grip and letting go of your negative thoughts.”

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