Psychologist In Los Angeles Yvonne Thomas, Ph.D. Quoted In “How To Avoid Being A ‘Sucker’” on (11/10/2022)

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Why Bad Things Happen to Good People

“Knowledge is power, and ignorance is not bliss,” says Yvonne Thomas, PhD, a Los Angeles-based psychologist.

“People may not want to face the truth … but in the end, it will hurt them a lot worse,” she says. “You don’t want to be in fairytale lalaland, because the consequences will be that much more traumatic.”

Go with your gut.

“People need to start listening to their inner voice and using it as an inner compass,” says Thomas. “If you have some kind of instinct, or gut reaction, attend to it because it’s not appearing for no reason,” she says.

“You must be brave enough to face it. Say, ‘I want to look at the books and see where we are financially.'”

“Deal with it. Look at it in its face and say, ‘What is happening here?’ because problems do not just go away; they get worse.”

Have a monthly financial night.

To avoid waking up one morning to find out you are broke, “look at the books and finances together and talk openly and honestly about gains and losses on a regular basis,” Thomas suggests.

psychologist in los angeles yvonne thomas

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