Psychologist Los Feliz

Have you felt like you may need help, but aren’t sure where to turn? Do you feel stressed out, anxious, depressed, and/or even overwhelmed by the events or emotions in your life? Or at times, does it seem as if there’s nothing you can control? Sometimes, it may not be possible to choose our circumstances or how we feel about them. But, you can take active steps to find healthy, productive ways to address them. Dr. Yvonne Thomas, psychologist near Los Feliz and the surrounding area, can help.

psychologist los feliz

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Psychologist Los Feliz

When working with Dr. Thomas, you can develop a better understanding of what it is you’re feeling and why. From there, she can help you to utilize the right tools in dealing with your emotions, as well as what’s causing them. Over the years, Dr. Thomas has helped many people have an objective perspective on the issues in their lives, so that they can better work through them. She can do so in multiple ways. 

One-on-One Therapy

In a personal session with Dr. Thomas, patients can talk openly and freely, in a safe, supportive environment, about what it is that they’re going through. Moreover, they can develop the kind of insight that makes it possible to use effective solutions for the issues they’re going through. 

Grief or Loss Counseling

Grief, no matter what form it takes, can be overwhelming. Grief/loss counseling with Dr. Thomas can help you to process the stages of grief in the healthiest, most effective, and most productive way. In time, you can work towards an emotionally healthy place in regards to your grief. 

Couples Counseling

The best, most loving, and committed relationships can “hit bumpy waters,” emotionally speaking. When any relationship is confronted with stress, it can become even more complicated and difficult. In couples counseling with Dr. Thomas, both members of the relationship can develop a better understanding of each other’s feelings, thoughts, and needs. Through that, they can find better ways to communicate and, ultimately, work towards a healthy, more love-filled relationship. 

Life Transition Counseling

Any life transition, no matter how welcome or planned for, can be disorienting and stressful. Even when it’s something good (and especially when it’s not), a life transition can leave you feeling unmoored and very unsettled. Dr. Thomas can work with you to find that solid foundation beneath you to better address the changes in your life productively and healthily. 

psychologist los feliz

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For more than twenty years, Dr. Thomas has helped people in Los Angeles as well as the surrounding areas to live healthier and be happier. If you’re struggling or feel like you aren’t functioning as well as you should, therapy can be very beneficial. Dr. Thomas is a firm proponent of the idea that the best method for achieving positive therapy results is to find the RIGHT psychologist. 

Take that first step today and call Dr. Thomas for a FREE consultation at (310) 359-9450 or CLICK HERE to schedule an appointment online.