Psychologist Near Mid-Wilshire

Does it seem like you should feel happier than you do? Have you felt lost or directionless in your life and you aren’t sure how to turn things around? Do you feel anxious and stressed out quite often? You are not the only one – many people feel these ways. However, even if it seems like you can’t do anything about it, you actually can. Dr. Yvonne Thomas, a psychologist near Mid-Wilshire, can help. With decades of experience, she can work with you to find a productive, healthy way to deal with those feelings and, ultimately, turn them around.
psychologist near mid wilshire
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What a Psychologist Near Mid-Wilshire Can Do

A psychologist isn’t someone that tells you what to do or gives you advice on how to live your life. Rather, a psychologist helps you deal with situations that are difficult for you. If you’re struggling with something that’s challenging, confusing, or even making it hard to function as you would like, Dr. Thomas can work with you to get to the point where you can better navigate your own life in a healthier way.

Individual Counseling

In a one-on-one, personal session with Dr. Thomas, she’ll work with you to go deeper into the issues that are bothering you. By doing this, she’s able to help you find those underlying causes for the issues that you’re having. Through this method, she can then help you develop more positive ways to not just think, but to feel and behave, too.

Couples Counseling

The best relationships, even  the most loving ones, still face their challenges. Couples counseling with Dr. Thomas can help both members of the relationship strengthen their communication skills, as well as their ability to compromise and collaborate together. By doing these things, the partners will be in a position not just to understand each other better, but to work together to improve the relationship’s bonds, too.

Loss/Grief Therapy

Any loss can make you feel unmoored or distressed, which can cause problems as time goes on. Grieving can be difficult at any age or stage of life. With Dr. Thomas, she can help you find healthier ways to grieve so that it is easier to cope, be more productive, and move forward in your life.

Life Transition Therapy

No matter what kind of transition in life you’re making, it can be difficult. Something that you looked forward to, for example, may be impactful in unanticipated (and unwelcome) ways. Feeling afraid, stressed, anxious, even sad or confused can accompany a life transition. With Dr. Thomas, you’ll be able to understand and deal with your life’s transitions in a more constructive way.
psychologist near mid wilshire

Dr. Thomas is Ready to Help

The areas mentioned above are just some of the ways that Dr. Thomas can help. She’s currently accepting new clients throughout the Mid-Wilshire area and beyond.
For a free consultation, you can reach Dr. Thomas at (310) 359-9450 or CLICK HERE to request an appointment online.