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Do you feel depressed and it just seems to stay that way? Or have you felt like you’re often so anxious, nervous, or just overwhelmed that you can’t live your life how you want? These feelings are more common than you might realize. Indeed, many people feel these ways. But, there are solid and positive steps that you can take to help yourself. One of the best is to reach out to an experienced, licensed therapist who can help. Dr. Yvonne Thomas, a psychologist near Palms can assist in a multitude of ways.
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psychologist near palms

Palms Psychologist

Dr. Yvonne Thomas can help her clients through a variety of therapeutic services. Drawing upon her training, education, and years of experience, she can help you find the underlying causes of your issues and work to eventually overcome them.

Couples Counseling

The best, most long-lasting, and loving relationships can become, when under stress, complicated, challenging, and difficult. Dr. Thomas’s couples’ counseling is centered around helping both parties to strengthen and further develop their connection to and their understanding of each other. This can help in repairing damage that may have been sustained in the relationship as well as work towards building a more rewarding union. From meeting with Dr. Thomas, many couples have found better ways to communicate honestly and openly, and connect on a deeper level.

Individual Therapy

Working with Dr. Thomas can help you to gain a better understanding of your problems and then to find better ways to cope with them. Each of us has patterns which repeat in our lives that, in many ways, hold us back. Dr. Thomas can help you to identify your patterns and will help you to develop better, healthier, and ultimately more productive ways to act, feel, and think.

Loss or Grief Counseling

Any kind of loss can be upsetting, challenging, and distressing. The loss of a loved one can be especially hard, but it’s possible to suffer from a financial loss, a break-up, an “empty nest,” and other kinds of loss. With Dr. Thomas, you’ll be able to process the loss in a healthier, more positive manner. Then, in time, you’ll be able to arrive at an emotional place that’s right for you.

Life Transition Counseling

Counseling with Dr. Thomas can be effective even if you’ve gone through a positive life change. Any life transition or any significant change to the status quo in your life can leave you feeling disoriented. This counseling can help you to be more at peace both with your life changes as well as with yourself by helping you to better acclimate to the changes and other strategies.

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When you’re feeling down and it seems like things won’t change, there is help. The same goes for if you’re feeling anxious, overwhelmed, sad, and more. Dr. Thomas is here to help. Working with the right therapist can be a great benefit.
You can take the first step today and call Dr. Thomas, a psychologist near Palms, for a FREE consultation at (310) 359-9450 or CLICK HERE to request an appointment online.