Psychologist Near West Hollywood Yvonne Thomas, Ph.D. Contributed To “12 Resolutions To Make You A Better Parent By 2019” on (12/25/2017)

psychologist near west Hollywood Yvonne Thomas


“September:  With obligations in every last corner of your life, have you really paused to savor being a parent? Have you taken time to really understand, value and know your child? Psychologist near West Hollywood  Yvonne Thomas suggests using the structured start of the school year to add an important event to your family calendar: one-on-one time with each of your kids. “Having a good bond with your children can promote openness, honesty and closeness that can continue as time goes on and certainly comes in handy during more challenging periods,” Thomas explains. No matter how many soccer matches, speech and debate classes or coaching sessions you have penciled in, Thomas recommends making this session one hour — and in a place where interruptions are minimal..

October: It might not technically be a race to the end of the year, but for busy families, October is often when the holiday season momentum gets started. That’s why refocusing on your relationship and building a cohesive team with your spouse becomes crucial this month. “If your partner and you can be on the same page for the most part, [you will be] healthy role models for your children,” Thomas says. “Decrease confusion and mixed messages. This will make the kids less able to divide and conquer.” You know, like when a kid keeps asking the pushover parent for permission because they know the other one will say no. This, Thomas explains, “can lead to an upset between the parents.”

psychologist near west Hollywood Yvonne Thomas


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