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Do you feel overwhelmed by what’s happening in your life? Does it seem like you’re stressed out, sometimes even by seemingly little things? That’s very understandable. In our modern day, finding the proper balance between work, family, and your social life can be difficult. It makes a lot of sense that this could be taking a toll on your mental health. It’s all too easy to fall into self-sabotaging behavior and have negative feelings and/or thought patterns that ultimately keep you from living the life that you want to live. That’s where Dr. Yvonne Thomas, psychologist in Venice and the surrounding area, can help.
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A Psychologist for Venice and the Surrounding Area

Over the years, Dr. Thomas has created a warm, welcoming environment for clients. That way, everyone who works with her can feel safe and secure so that they can have the best possible opportunity for insight, growth, advancement, and healing. Dr. Thomas works as a team with each of her clients and often utilizes a three-method system to discover and ultimately extract the root issues for each client to get a successful outcome and improved quality of life for them.
Dr. Thomas understands that it’s important to find a therapist to work with, but she knows what is most important is to find the right therapist. That means finding one who can work with your issues and your financial situation so that you go into every session with the peace of mind you deserve. Dr. Thomas provides services in areas including:
  • Individual Counseling – Discover more about the problems you’re facing and the opportunities in front of you, ultimately gleaning the kinds of insights that can help you to better handle these. One-on-one sessions help clients learn to identify repeating patterns and issues in their lives, and to develop better ways to cope with them and learn healthier ways to think, feel, and behave.
  • Couples Counseling – Even the most loving, long-lasting relationships can become strained and challenging at times. Couples counseling enables both parties to strengthen and deepen their understanding of each other, healing the harm done between them, and finding a better way to interact with and love each other.
  • Loss and Grief Counseling – Grieving can be one of the most painful and lonely challenges that a person ever faces. Whether it’s the loss of a loved one, a divorce, a breakup, job issue, financial challenge, or many other kinds of loss, it can be overwhelming. Dr. Thomas’s counseling is specifically designed to aid you in better navigating the stages of grief and loss so that you can eventually arrive at a healthier place emotionally.
  • Life Transition Counseling – Have you recently gone through a major change in your life that’s left you feeling disoriented? Any big, significant change in your life could leave you feeling out of sorts, overwhelmed, and/or confused. Dr. Thomas can work with you to build a better foundation, helping you to deal in a healthy manner with life’s changes.

Psychologist Venice

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The above are just some of Dr. Thomas’s counseling specialties. Visit Psychologist Services for Dr. Thomas’s full list of specialties. She believes strongly in the idea that the key to experiencing the best results from therapy comes from finding the right therapist. She is currently accepting patients in Venice and the surrounding area.
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