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Do you sometimes feel like you’re lost and don’t know what to do? Does it seem as if you’re anxious, depressed, and/or stressed out, but nothing seems to make those feelings go away? It’s easy to be upset with yourself for feeling that way, but, in actuality, many other people feel that way, too. What’s important is that you do something about it. You can receive help from an experienced professional. That’s the kind of help a psychologist near Redondo Beach can provide.  Yvonne Thomas, Ph.D. can help you develop more positive, healthy ways of coping.
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The Expertise of a Redondo Beach Psychologist

A common misconception some have about working with a psychologist is that a psychologist is supposed to give “advice.” That’s not really accurate. Rather, the psychologist works with someone who is currently dealing with situations which might be difficult, confusing, or limiting the person’s ability to fully function. Then, Dr. Thomas helps her clients get into a position where they can navigate their own lives better.

Individual Counseling

Individual, one-on-one counseling with Dr. Thomas can help in a variety of ways. Therapy with Dr. Thomas helps patients delve deeper into their issues and concerns to find the underlying causes. By doing this, Dr. Thomas works with her clients to develop healthier, more positive ways to think, feel, and ultimately, live their lives.

Couples Counseling

Stressful times can challenge even the most passionate, comfortable, loving relationship. When that happens, couples counseling can help in a variety of ways. For example, it can help both parties develop better communication skills. Through this, they’ll be able to better understand each other, work together, and
strengthen the bonds of their relationship.

Grief or Loss Therapy

Grief can be one of the most difficult challenges a person ever faces in one’s life. Any loss can be upsetting and disorienting, spilling into other facets of a person’s life. Working with Dr. Thomas, clients are able to find more productive and healthy ways to grieve. That way, they’re able to cope better and build a more solid foundation for the next phase of their lives.

Life Transition Therapy

Any transition in life can be difficult. Even something we’ve been hoping for can impact us in ways that we’re not necessarily prepared for. Any life transition can make people feel a variety of emotions such as fear, anxiety, stress, confusion, sadness, and/or depression. Dr. Thomas can help you deal with your life transitions and life changes in healthy ways, helping you create positive coping mechanisms which can last.
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What’s mentioned above are just some of the ways that Dr. Thomas helps her clients. Now, she can put that experience to work for you. That way, you’ll be able to not only better understand what’s going on in your life, but to be able to navigate it that much better, too.
For a free consultation, you can reach Dr. Thomas at (310) 359-9450 or CLICK HERE to request an appointment online.