Yvonne Thomas, Ph.D., a Relationship Psychologist in Brentwood, Quoted In “How To Know If You’re Compatible With Your Future Mother-In-Law” on marthastewartweddings.com (01/15/2018)

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Excerpt: In terms of relationships that will make-or-break your happiness level, you can pretty much guarantee on a few to prioritize. First and foremost, self-love and a healthy inner dialogue will help you tackle the many stages your life will present. Secondly (and if you’re lucky enough), the partner you select to share your life with has a significant impact on your levels of daily joy and comfort. And while others are essential, too—your besties and your family—there’s one that contributes to your happiness in married life. Your mother-in-law. Since she’s the most significant female relationship your partner had before he met you, having at least an amicable union with his mom is recommended for a long, happy marriage.  Here, some ways to tell if you’re compatible with your mother-in-law, along with some ways to improve your banter if you find yourself at a loss for words…

The greatest risk to your marriage isn’t how your husband-to-be sincerely can’t be bothered to pick up his sweaty gym clothes, but rather the times when he feels torn between you and his mom, according to relationship psychologist in Brentwood Yvonne Thomas, Ph.D. “If you and your mother-in-law have a good relationship, your husband typically won’t have to choose or side with either of you,” she says. “If your husband is put in the middle between his mother and you, any or all of you can feel distressing emotions such as resentment, anger, betrayal, sadness, and/or confusion within oneself and towards each other.”

relationship psychologist in Brentwood

Read what  Yvonne Thomas, Ph.D., a relationship psychologist in Brentwood,  has to say on marthastewartweddings.com’s “How To Know If You’re Compatible With Your Future Mother-In-Law.”