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Understanding the different ways in which a psychologist can help you improve your life is important in being open to growth through therapy. That understanding will be important, since it’s what will help the individual to know what to expect from therapy. Psychologists are not life coaches; they don’t tell you what to do. Rather, they help you look at your own situation from a different perspective, providing various ways in which you yourself can deal with it and make productive changes. That is ultimately what a Sherman Oaks psychologist is there for: not to make your decisions for you, but to help you figure out what are your healthiest options in a way that is both comfortable and useful for you.

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Sherman Oaks Psychologist

sherman oaks psychologistThe role of a psychologist isn’t to offer advice.  Instead, it is to help people going through a variety of difficult or confusing situations.  For example, people who are dealing with grief or people who are having trouble in their relationships will need different kinds of therapy in order to better understand and deal with their particular situations.  Let’s take a look at some of the focus areas of a psychologist such as Dr. Yvonne Thomas:
  • Individual Therapy – Personal therapy sessions that help a patient gain insight into one’s issues and patterns and learn healthier ways to feel, think, and/or behave.
  • Couples Counseling – Relationships can often get complicated, especially under stress. Couples counseling can help both parties further develop their skills with each other including understanding and communication.
  • Loss Or Grief Therapy – Loss can be an upsetting, disorienting thing to deal with, often becoming pervasive across different aspects of our life. A therapist can help a person grieve in a healthier way and find one’s grounding again.
  • Life Transition Counseling – Shifts in your life can have an emotional impact that is often hard to predict. These life transitions can cause feelings such as anxiety, stress, depression, sadness, confusion, and/or fear.  Because of this, it can be a good idea to reach out to a psychologist who can help you handle your changing situations in healthy ways and with positive coping mechanisms.

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