Strengthen Your Love Relationship with the Los Angeles Psychologist

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Valentine’s Day, the holiday all about love, is rapidly approaching. While flowers, chocolates, and a fancy dinner can make you feel great, these are short-lived moments and material objects that don’t ultimately contribute to the foundation or growth of your relationship in the long run.  Los Angeles Psychologist Dr. Yvonne Thomas highlights a few reasons you may be feeling emotionally distant from your significant other and how you can work to strengthen your relationship with her services. 

Communication Problems Often Decrease The Quality Of Love Relationships

Far too often, couples struggle with issues related to communication.  Whether there is difficulty expressing thoughts, feelings, and needs; being able to really listen and understand each other; or being able to compromise, there can be a lot of emotional damage and disconnection the couple, unfortunately, can suffer from.  Dr. Yvonne Thomas has many years of experience working with couples to improve their communication-related issues and improve the quality of their relationships.

los angeles psychologist

Financial Stressors Can Cause Tension Between You And Your Significant Other

There are always going to be stressors that can drive a wedge between you and your partner, not to mention the pandemic which has caused its own slew of problems, but the goal is ultimately to identify what is causing the issues and how to handle them effectively with Los Angeles Psychologist Dr. Thomas. 


Financial stressors are one of the biggest challenges to couples for many reasons.  They can take a huge toll on confidence levels, cause tension to build up, and even make one or both partners assign blame to each other for the financial distress.  If financial issues are negatively affecting the quality of your relationship, it’s important to identify them right away and learn more healthy ways to resolve them.  Even small jabs like passive-aggressive comments about finances can build up and ultimately lead to bigger issues over time.  In couples therapy, learning to recognize these problems and communicate with your partner as a team are some of the key factors necessary to have a more healthy relationship.  Talking to each other in a calm and loving way can be difficult when you’re frustrated with each other, but it’s far more effective and possible once these new skills are learned with a trained psychologist.

Sexual Stressors Can Lead To Upset And Confusion 

Los Angeles Psychologist Dr. Yvonne Thomas has many years of experience working with clients who are experiencing strain in their sexual relationship as well. Just like financial stressors, problems with the sexual aspect of a relationship can drive a wedge between couples and turn small problems into bigger ones.  Not to mention, it can be tough acknowledging and accepting that your relationship needs help when it comes to sex. Talking with Dr. Thomas about the issues you are experiencing in this part of your relationship can open up the conversation in a healthy way that allows you and your significant other to communicate each of your feelings and concerns.  It is very common to find that there may be other issues between the couple unrelated to sex that over time have crept in and negatively affected their physical intimacy, too.  By talking with Los Angeles psychologist Dr. Thomas, you can identify these issues and work through them with her to have a healthier, happier relationship. 

Of course, these are just a few examples of common stressors in love relationships.  Dr. Thomas can help you through many other forms of relationship distress, as well. Take advantage of her free, 15-minute phone consultation.  Call her today at (310) 359-9450 or you can e-mail her through the Request An Appointment portal on her website at