Summer Can Be A Difficult Time For Self-Image. Here’s What Can Help

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Self-image is a very important component of how emotionally healthy we are able to live our lives. It influences the way people think others see them, as well as the worth we assign ourselves. The summer season can provide some additional obstacles for a person’s self-image, since it can trigger unrealistic or unhealthy expectations of what we should look like, especially since people often dress with less layers and feel more body-conscious. This is difficult to navigate, but Los Angeles therapy can be a very helpful way to deal with self-image issues.

Self-Acceptance Of Body Image

summer self-imageLos Angeles can be a difficult city for your self-image for a variety of reasons. On one hand, it’s a city where those already pervasive unrealistic standards that you see in the media are heightened and a lot more present in our everyday lives. On top of that, it’s hot. It can be warm much of the year, but particularly during the summer. The high temperatures make it necessary to wear less clothes, but that can come with a significant downside for people who aren’t too happy with the way they look. This is why, now that summer is in full swing again, it’s a good idea to find different ways to repair or increase the self-acceptance of one’s body image.

Adopting Habits That Help

More often than not, the response to having dissatisfaction with our own body is simply to exercise and eat healthier. These are, on principle, good and necessary habits to adopt. After all, exercise and a good diet are very important factors of a healthy lifestyle. Incorporating these into your daily routine certainly can make you feel better in general. However, you can do both of those things and still feel insecure about your own body. Especially when the time comes to go to the beach or the pool or in general. Factors such as genetic predisposition, ability to stay on track with exercising and/or eating healthy, your natural body type, and negative experiences regarding how you look aren’t exactly things you have control over.

For example, growing up feeling overweight or underweight, or having had glasses, braces, or acne, etc. could have hurt your self-image in your own eyes or if you were negatively treated because of how you looked. This is why it’s so important to incorporate healthy habits into your life such as exercising and eating correctly, but also to actively work on healing and correcting the way we see and feel about our own self-image if it is inaccurate or overly negative.

Gaining An Accurate Sense Of Self

The best way to improve one’s own self-image is to learn how to perceive oneself realistically and, most importantly, empathetically. You need to be kind to yourself and as non-judgmental as possible to have a better chance of believing in a more realistic idea of what your body can look like and cherishing that to gain a more positive sense of self. This is not easy, for it involves unlearning behaviors and preconceived notions of what a “good enough” body looks like. These expectations are everywhere, especially in a place like Los Angeles. That is why it’s often a good idea to seek out a therapist who can help you navigate this journey as effectively as possible.

Los Angeles Therapy

Therapy is a very useful resource for plenty of different reasons. Therapy can help people learn how to gain a new perspective on what they have or are currently going through. It can also provide you with different ways to approach your situation and gain new insight into where you can go from there. These are some of the ways Dr. Yvonne Thomas, Ph.D. is here to assist. With over twenty years of practice, Dr. Thomas is ready to help you on your journey to a healthier self-image and self-acceptance. For more information on how she can work with you, request an appointment through her website or give her a call at (310) 359-9450.