Therapist in Burbank

Does it seem like your anxiety and stress never really seem to go away? Have you been looking for a therapist in Burbank and the surrounding area who can help you to feel unstuck in your life? That’s exactly what Yvonne Thomas, Ph.D., has been doing with so many people for more than twenty years. Drawing upon her extensive experience in a wide variety of topics, she can help you to develop healthy behaviors and patterns for your life. 

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Therapist In Burbank And In Other Areas

A therapist is more than someone who just listens. Yes, that’s a major part of it, but a great therapist also helps the client to identify exactly what the root causes of their issues are. Then, they work with the client to help them to make the kinds of lasting, positive changes that can improve the client’s life today as well as tomorrow.

Additionally, this is all done in a relaxed, comfortable, and secure environment that encourages productivity. 

Individual Therapy 

One-on-one sessions with Dr. Thomas enables her to draw upon her education, training, and objectivity, all with the goal of helping the patient to gain better insight into their lives. Then, the patient will be better equipped to identify the issues that are holding them back. In time, they can think, feel, and behave in healthier ways. 

Couples Counseling 

Even the most long-term, loving relationships can experience challenges and hardships. That’s particularly true when stress is involved. Couples counseling with Dr. Thomas is centered around finding better ways to communicate between the members of a relationship. Additionally, these sessions lead to both parties developing a further, deeper, and a better understanding of each other. 

Life Transition Counseling 

Dramatic changes in life, be they negative or positive  (be it a sudden illness, moving to a new home, or something similar) can present challenges that can be difficult to anticipate and/or deal with. Should they feel overwhelming, Dr. Thomas can help you to both develop the tools necessary to handle these changes as well as to gain a better sense of yourself within the situation. 

Loss/Grief Therapy 

Any significant loss in your life, be it a loved one, a relationship, or anything else, can leave you reeling. It can feel like you’re out of sorts as if you aren’t grounded at all. Dr. Thomas has helped so many through this stage so that you can develop the tools you’ll need to be able to live your life your way. 

therapist in burbank

A Therapist In Burbank And Other Areas Ready to Help 

If you’re dealing with anything mentioned above, or you just don’t feel like you’re as happy as you’d like, Dr. Thomas can help. With her three degrees in psychology and two decades-plus of experience, she’s ready to help you to understand and navigate what you’re going through. Dr. Thomas believes strongly in the idea that finding the proper therapist for your needs is the most important part of the therapy experience.

If you’re ready to take that first step and call Dr. Thomas for a FREE consultation, call (310) 359-9450 or CLICK HERE to request an appointment online.