Therapist In Los Angeles Yvonne Thomas, Ph.D. On “How To Make Your Home A Happier Place” (12/30/2021)

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Nowadays, people have been spending more time than usual in their homes due to the pandemic.  Given that, it’s very important to a person’s emotional health to make one’s home a happy place to be.

Have A Place In Your Home for “Quiet Time” And Decompression

One thing a person can do to make his or her home happier is to designate a particular spot for “quiet time.”  Even if it is just a little corner, this should be a place where someone can relax, de-stress, and/or get in touch with one’s thoughts and feelings.  There should be no distractions or other outside stimulation from any people or “screens” (i.e., tv, phones, iPads, etc.) in this spot.  Instead, this is where the person can engage in self-nurturing activities such as reading for pleasure, meditation, mindfulness, journaling, processing his or her day, etc.  Since one’s home is supposed to be a person’s refuge, it is important for one’s emotional health to have a literal and figurative space in which the person can decompress from the day’s stresses and which provides comfort and allows for self-care.

Make Your Home A Happier Place To Be By Appealing To Your Senses

Another thing people can do to make their home happier is to appeal to their different senses to create an enjoyable and positive environment.  By doing this, a person can have an all-around happier time at home.  For example, having an organized home that is clean and tidy can lend to a more calm, peaceful feeling by being pleasing to the eye.  Having fragrance through perfume or scented candles in your home can be energizing (like with citrus scents), calming (such as vanilla), etc.  Hearing music playing in your home can uplift one’s mood and spirit by making a person feel more invigorated.  Having soft and inviting fabrics, linens, and bedding can be enjoyable to the touch.  Having healthy food at home can be rewarding and pleasurable to eat.  In essence, a person can be happier in many different ways through different positive sensory experiences at home.
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Accessorize Your Home With Items Of Personal Significance To Boost Your Happiness There

In addition, to make one’s home happier, a person can decorate it with accessories that have a personal significance to him or her.  For instance, people can accent their home with memorabilia from different parts of their life, souvenirs from special times and travels, and photos of significant people and places that matter to them.  It can bring great joy to a person to be surrounded by items of those people and things they feel positive about which represent accomplishments, inspirations, emotional closeness, noteworthy events, etc.  These concrete “reminders” can help to not only make one’s home happier but can also boost a person up when feeling down or upset.
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