Therapist in Los Angeles Yvonne Thomas, Ph.D. Quoted In “Here’s How To Attract The Type Of Person You ‘Actually’ Want To Date” on (09/20/2018)

Therapist in the Los Angeles Area


“We can’t ask someone to be something we’re not,” she says. “If you value financial responsibility in someone, you have to show up like that.”  (So you don’t have to make a million dollars a year, but you do need to start paying your bills on time.) Yvonne Thomas, PhD, a Los Angeles-based psychologist who specializes in relationships, agrees. “Having similar values in yourself that you also want in a partner can help spark the interest [of] the kind of person you’d want to date,” she says.

There’s also a long-term upside to this values-based approach, says Coopersmith. “When we look at relationships that dismantle, often times the partners have opposing values—for instance, one’s a spender and one’s a saver, so they’re always fighting about money,” she says, noting that when values are actually aligned, there’s a sense of mutual appreciation. “These commonalities can help lead to compatibility, which is one of the factors necessary in a successful love relationship,” Thomas adds.”

Therapist in the Los Angeles Area


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