Therapist In Los Angeles Yvonne Thomas, Ph.D. Quoted In “The Psychology Of Confidence – And How To Build It” on (10/21/2021)

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In general, confidence has to do with how well a person feels “solid” within themselves, and how much they trust in their own qualities or abilities, explains Dr. Yvonne Thomas, Ph.D., a Los Angeles-based psychologist. “Having confidence means that you believe in and feel emotionally secure about yourself. It means you have healthy self-esteem and a sense of self,” she continues. “Confidence involves feeling self-assured in an unassuming way, rather than being pretentious or arrogant about your characteristics or abilities.”

Invest in your natural skills. Do you have a knack for interior design? Perhaps you can read through contracts without breaking a sweat (or Googling for an answer!) Maybe you’re an amazing chef, a talented writer, or an artist in the making. To build confidence, start by honing in on your innate skills and work to improve them, Dr. Thomas suggests. This could mean taking a class, investing in a coach or mentor, opening up a side hustle, or other activities that challenge your skillset.

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