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Passing for Thin

While liking the image you see in the mirror is a good start, you may not be mentally “fat-free” If you’ve been battling the bulge for any significant amount of time, says Los Angeles psychologist and body image expert Yvonne Thomas, PhD.

“Reacting as if you are still fat — or what being fat means to you — can become a natural reflex, driven by the subconscious, and capable of influencing our behavior in ways we sometimes don’t see,” Thomas tells WebMD.

That means you may often find yourself in an emotional tug-of-war between the person you are now and the one you used to be, she says.

“We may think we are reacting to our life in the here, but in reality, every day is like walking through a minefield of emotional, and sometimes, humiliating memories of what we endured when we were overweight,” says Thomas.

Therapist in Los Angeles

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