Therapy Methods

Therapy Methods:

Dr. Thomas primarily incorporates three methods she finds invaluable in helping her clients obtain successful outcomes:

  1. she gets down to the “roots” of their issues,
  2. she empowers her clients to identify and change their negative patterns, thoughts, and feelings into more positive, accurate ones, and
  3. she provides a warm, nonjudgmental, and interactive environment in which her clients can feel comfortable and emotionally secure so they can better reach their goals and resolve their issues.

With these combined methods, clients can create more balanced, meaningful, and joyous lives and achieve much more durable, longer-lasting results from therapy.

In addition, Dr. Thomas often is consulted by the media for her expertise in a diversity of areas and has many of her articles in print (see the Media page for more information).

You already know how bad it feels to be stuck. Take control of your health and your happiness now! The first step is to recognize there is something you need to change and to call a qualified and experienced psychologist who can help you achieve your goals.

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