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Have you felt overwhelmed, anxious, sad, or down? Does it seem like you’re upset and, try as you might, there doesn’t seem to be much that you can do about it? If you’re like so many people nowadays, you may have been feeling stressed by your environment, the general state of the world, or other things specifically in your life. These stressors can be negatively impacting you even if you aren’t necessarily aware of their consequences. It can be greatly beneficial to get some assistance by talking to someone who is trained to help with these kinds of issues. West Los Angeles therapist Dr. Yvonne Thomas can help in a variety of ways.
west los angeles therapist
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West Los Angeles Therapist

Dr. Yvonne Thomas provides many different kinds of therapeutic services to her clients. Along with her education, training, and experience, she has a diverse range of specialties which allows her to assist people in a variety of areas.

Individual Therapy

In these one-on-one sessions with Dr. Thomas, clients do not only delve deeper into their problems and concerns with her to gain better understanding of them, but they can also find a better way to both cope with and overcome them. By identifying repeating patterns as well as the issues in their lives, clients will eventually learn better, more productive, and healthier ways to think, feel, and act.

Couples Counseling

Any relationship can become complicated and difficult, particularly when under stress. Couples counseling with Dr. Thomas can help both parties repair damage, while developing and strengthening their understanding of and connection to each other. Through this process, the couple works together with Dr. Thomas to build a more rewarding relationship, including creating better ways to communicate openly and honestly.

Life Transition Counseling

Significant life changes, even positive ones, can lead to confusion and even distress. Be it moving to a new home, a sudden illness, or any other large shift in the status quo, you may feel as if the ground has shifted beneath your feet. Dr. Thomas can work with you towards finding a better, healthier way to acclimate to your changes so that you can be more at peace with them and with yourself.

Grief or Loss Counseling

No matter the kind of loss a person has suffered, it can be difficult, challenging, and upsetting. Any loss can lead to emotional pain, be it the death of a loved one, a divorce, financial loss, an “empty nest,” a break-up, and so forth. Through therapy, clients can discover how to process the stages of grief and loss in a healthier manner so they can end up in a better emotional place.
west los angeles therapist

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At one point or another, everyone feels anxious, stressed, sad, depressed, or overwhelmed. When this happens, it’s important to remember that you can get assistance to help you work through your upset and the issues causing that so you can have a happier and healthier life. Dr. Thomas is ready to help you. The key to a great therapeutic experience, Dr. Thomas believes, is working with the right therapist.
You can take the first step today and call Dr. Thomas, a psychologist near West Los Angeles, for a FREE consultation at (310) 359-9450 or CLICK HERE to request an appointment online.