Yvonne Thomas Ph.D., A Therapist in Los Angeles, Quoted In “Male Engagement Rings: Would Your Guy Wear One?” on marthastewartweddings.com (05/03/2018)

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Excerpt: You don’t have to propose to discuss the idea of your guy wearing an engagement ring, though. When you’re ready for that chat, Los Angeles-based psychologist Yvonne Thomas, Ph.D., says to approach the topic with honesty and reasoning. “If you would feel more emotionally safe and secure that he is wearing an engagement ring, too, let him know these reasons and why him also wearing an engagement ring would provide comfort and assurance for you,” she explains. “If you want him to also wear an engagement ring while engaged because you would feel good to have him wear something that represent his deep love for you and commitment to the relationship, discuss this with him. The bottom line is if a man wears an engagement ring, whether by his inclination or his fiancée’s, it needs to be a healthy decision because he wants to and feels good about doing this.”

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Yvonne Thomas Ph.D., is a therapist in Los Angeles. To read the full article “male engagement rings: would your guy wear one?” visit marthastewartweddings.com